The Model T Ford Club of America was formed to encourage and promote active interest in the Model T Ford
and its history by a membership unrestricted as to location. It is non-profit and non-discriminatory and is
dedicated to widening the base of the hobby by providing information, assistance and direction to interested parties.
Active touring chapters are encouraged in order to spread interest and participation as far as possible.
Local chapters of the club are permitted the widest possible latitude in governing their affairs. Regional and national activities are provided by the chapters.

Members of the MTFCA may be members of the Model T Ford Club of Greater St. Louis with no additional dues payment.

The Board Contact Info

Steven G. Williams
(636) 575-1469

Vice President
Kent Gilbane
(573) 424-2599

Ruth Baker
(314) 602-5706

Bonnie Dattoli
(314) 849-0906

Mike Thum
(314) 718-9155


Board Of Directors




Gerald Ellerbeck, Sr.
(314) 255-6973

Paul Diebold
(314) 210-7778

Daniel Mullis

Jerry Ellerbeck, Jr.

Keith Sanders
(314) 722-0042

Dave Groerich
(314) 607-7071

Steven Thum
(314) 374-7005

Stephen Heatherly
(314) 805-1390

For local club membership information, contact:
Keith Sanders, Membership Chairperson
10 Elannchester Drive, St. Louis, MO. 63011

We're interested in hearing from you!

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For National MTFCA information, contact:
The Model T Ford Club of America
PO Box 996
Richmond, IN 47375-0996
Business Phone: 765-373-3106
Fax: 765-488-0014

Or check out their website at